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2 cups green mung beans
25 g ginger, peeled and sliced thickly
3 cups grated coconut
9 cups warm water
pinch of salt
1 cup grated palm sugar (Gula Melaka) or 2 cups white sugar
2-3 screw pine leaves, washed and tied together in knot.


Soak mung beans in water for at least 2 hours.
Soaked grated coconut into 3 cup warm water and extract thick and thin coconut milk. You can also use coconut milk in cartons.

Fill a deep pot with remaining water.
Put in beans and ginger and bring to a boil.
Add salt.
Cover and boil until water is absorbed and beans swollen, about 30 mins.
Lower heat and add thin coconut milk, sugar and screw pine leaves.
Simmer until beans are soft (about 20 mins) or until broth-like consistency is achieved.
Taste and season with salt accordingly.
Served hot or chilled in individual bowls topped with 1 tbsp of thick coconut milk.


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